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The biggest threat to campus free speech is right-wing snowflakery - TheArticle

Student Tories’ knee-jerk reaction to any and all opposition from other students to their sweeping, prejudiced proclamations is the closest thing I have ever witnessed to snowflakery, by a country mile. 
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How Nigel Farage could put Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10 - Prospect Magazine

The Brexit Party has lost its purpose. But electorally, it could be the last dregs of Farage’s support that determine whether Johnson or Corbyn sets up shop in Downing Street before Christmas.
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Transhumanism: How the free market will transform our lives - 1828

Thanks to capitalism, things that were wholly unimaginable in years gone by are now the norm. We have conjured up all manner of weird and wonderful ways to enhance our lives and make the world a better place. And it is far from over.
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How Boris Johnson could end up backing a People's Vote - TheArticle

On policy, a Tory-Lib Dem coalition is the obvious post-Brexit choice for Jo Swinson in the event of a hung Parliament. A People's Vote could put Brexit to bed and bridge the Johnson-Swinson gap.  
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Why Remainer MPs' approach to the Johnson deal fundamentally misunderstands Parliament - Prospect Magazine

In our parliamentary system, compromise is a necessity. If Remain-leaning MPs don't coalesce around a coherent plan soon, they'll be handing Johnson a stonking majority.
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Failed Irish border talks will be an absolute catastrophe for the EU - The Independent

The continent has refused to confront the existential doom that confronts it if it proves incapable of finding a deal.

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The UK's high tuition fees are nothing to be ashamed of - 1828

Whatever the left might say, graduates are not in debt. Student loan repayments are structured as a progressive tax contribution, generously tailored to the needs of the individual.
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The new climate movement is excluding Conservatives - The Times

The climate movement would, if it were more politically accepting and inclusive, be so much richer and stronger, and considerably more likely to have a tangible impact on the long-term direction of international politics.
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Parliament is back and staying back - but can it get anything done? - Prospect Magazine

The resumption of the parliamentary session is, so far as Brexit is concerned, pointless.
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Free speech and Censorship on University Campuses - BBC Radio 5 Live (Interview)

I spoke to Nihal Arthanayake on BBC Radio 5 Live about free speech and censorship on our university campuses.
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Boris, Brexit and Prorogation - Scope, Indus News (TV interview)

I appeared on Scope (on the Pakistani Indus News channel) to discuss the latest Brexit developments. 
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How the populist nationalists hijacked Brexit - Prospect Magazine

At its core, Brexit is about bureaucracy. So how did it become a referendum on national feeling?
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The time to confront the housing crisis is now -1828

Far from ham-fisted interventionism, the housing market is crying out for liberation from overbearing planning regulations.
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Conservative Remainers must swallow their pride and back Boris - Prospect Magazine

Tories who would rather avoid both No Deal and Revoke must turn a blind eye to Boris’s bellowing and Cummings’s evil stares and throw their support behind this government.  
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Speaker Bercow's increasing partiality on Brexit is a grave constitutional concern - BrexitCentral

The genuinely disquieting precedent is that of a biased Speaker, not prorogation. It is disturbing in the extreme that we may soon find ourselves with a de facto co-Prime Minister in the Speaker’s chair. 
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Sajid Javid has a unique opportunity to promote freedom - by cutting taxes - The Cabinet

A Brexit emergency budget may be on the way. Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak at the Treasury should listen to the likes of Sam Gyimah and Liz Truss and take the opportunity to lessen the obstructive impact of our historic tax burden.

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Calling Boris Johnson "the British Trump" shows a misunderstanding of parliamentary democracy - Prospect Magazine

Despite what Corbyn might imply, British democracy is good at knocking back populist insurgents—as the career of Britain's most actually Trump-like politician makes clear.
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There is no free speech crisis in our universities - The Independent

Campus discourse is vibrant and positive. Protests are frequent. Debates are lively. There is a thrilling level of political engagement among students. There is no free speech crisis in our universities.
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Boris Johnson has created the most pro-freedom government since Thatcher - The Broad

Boris and his consummate team of budding new ministers embody one quality that has not been seen since the Iron Lady herself - a love of freedom.
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Bad news is fake news - humanity is a force for good - CapX

We seem to have an unquenchable thirst for Bad News, apparently taking great comfort in the assurance that the world is on the brink of implosion and it is all our fault.
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Sisters don't cry: Johnson and Rees-Mogg desert the Tories - United Politics

Rachel Johnson left the Conservative Party to become an MEP candidate for Change UK, and Annunziata Rees-Mogg's explosive defection to Nigel Farage's Brexit Party ended over three decades of Tory membership.
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YouTube is right to defend drill - Spiked

Attempts to censor drill music are authoritarian, racist and comically ineffective at reducing violent crime. It is about time someone challenged the authorities on this issue.
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Legalising cannabis would make our country safer for everyone - Adam Smith Institute

There is no good reason to continue allowing billions in illicit profits to swill around in criminal circles. Legalising cannabis is a common-sense decision.
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The Brexit Party is over before it's even begun - Comment Central

The idea that Nigel Farage was ever going to use Brexit to single-handedly overhaul the two-party system is what Robert Louis Stevenson would have called unscientific balderdash.
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A leadership election that shows the Conservative Party will never die - The 1828 Journal

The Conservative Party will not split or implode or consume itself or vanish from the political landscape for any other reason in the foreseeable future.
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Centrists should stop trying to be Britain's Macron - Newsleaf

Attempts to recreate the French centrist fairy tale on this side of the Channel have led to nothing more than a series of low-brow Macron tribute acts.
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No one can stop the Boris train now - bring on Prime Minister Johnson - VozWire

Johnson’s victory in today’s first round of voting was as resounding as anyone could have reasonably expected. He has been waiting for this moment for a very long time, and the substantial lead he currently enjoys is hard-earned and well-deserved.
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Can a new Prime Minister actually change anything on Brexit, or are we in for more of the same? - VozWire

All ten of the candidates to be the next Prime Minister have committed to delivering Brexit, so whoever takes up the leadership mantle next month will have to employ creative methods of some sort to break this unprecedented legislative logjam.
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Boris Johnson: The man young Conservatives like me should get behind - Wolves of Westminster

Boris Johnson is the unifier that the Conservatives need. Come Christmas, he will have executed Brexit and finally taken British politics off pause, setting us on the road to a bright Conservative future.
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Labour's civil war goes much deeper than Brexit - 1828

Ideological warfare is being waged on the Left between the old guard and the young crowd. Neo-Marxism versus actual Marxism, if you like.
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Why I, a staunch Brexiteer, support the Prime Minister's Withdrawal Agreement - Brexit Central

History will look back on Theresa May's Brexit deal as an extremely impressive political feat.
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Why we should not scrap tuition fees - We In This House

Slashing or abolishing tuition fees would to nothing to tackle inequality. In fact, it would only serve to exacerbate the problem.
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What is the will of the people on Brexit? - The London Economic

Leaving the EU is not a temporary thing; nobody advocated a trial period which could be reversed if we don't like it. The vote was - or should have been - final.
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Defeating the People's Vote campaign is much easier than it seems - Speak Freely

If a cartoonish evil mastermind wanted to inflict irreparable damage on British politics, a second Brexit referendum is how he would do it.
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Proportional Representation could help us fix the Brexit crisis - Reaction

It is surely only a matter of time before the smaller parties coalesce around a mutually beneficial demand for a more representative electoral system.
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Free speech and free press go hand in hand - and both are under threat - VozWire

By subtly and implicitly encouraging people to be offended by the things they read and hear, we are slowly but surely fostering a culture of intolerance in which dissenting voices can be arbitrarily shut down.
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The DUP's threats are in vain: May doesn't need them any more - Conservative Home

The simplistic post-electoral world where Theresa May's minority government was supported by the ten DUP MPs is long gone.
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