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I am a freelance writer with extensive experience contributing to blogs and journals in the political and automotive spheres.

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Why I, a staunch Brexiteer, support the Prime Minister's Withdrawal Agreement

History will look back on Theresa May’s Brexit deal as an impressive political feat: she has emerged against all odds bearing an Agreement that is not only workable but ticks all the necessary boxes.
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The National Union of Students is a sinking ship - let's escape while we can

There is no reason whatsoever for the LSE Students' Union to remain affiliated with the NUS when it is irreversibly hurtling towards implosion.
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Teacher shouts at naughty pupils. Good for him

It is thanks to radically changing attitudes to basic discipline that behaviour standards in schools have inevitably fallen and assaults by students on teachers have risen sharply.
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Why we should not scrap tuition fees

Slashing or abolishing tuition fees would do nothing to tackle inequality. In fact, it would only serve to exacerbate the problem.
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Debt-plagued students' union face swingeing cuts - and they can't even blame the evil Tories

For many student campaign groups, austerity is a 'political choice' and anyone who so much as thinks about making cuts is undoubtedly in cahoots with big business and 'the establishment'.
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What is the will of the people on Brexit?

Leaving the EU is not a temporary thing; nobody advocated a trial period which could be reversed if we don't like it. The referendum was - or should have been - final.
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Labour's civil war goes much deeper than Brexit

Ideological warfare is being waged on the British Left between the old guard and the young crowd. Neo-Marxism versus actual Marxism, if you like.
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The DUP's threats are in vain - May doesn't need them any more

Theresa May no longer leads a minority government teetering on the edge of plausible existence, held in place only by the strings Arlene Foster and Nigel Dodds twirl between their fingers.
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The ban on electric shock collars is yet another improvement in UK animal rights

Banning shock collars is the most recent in a string of successful moves, reigniting productivity in a stale and sterile government department.
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Will Theresa May escape the European curse that toppled the last three Tory Prime Ministers?

It is in the DNA of Conservative Prime Ministers to fall at the hands of their own party over Britain's relationship with Europe.
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A harsh lesson in economics for the student Lefties

For years, the National Union of Students has been a fierce critic of the same austerity policies it will now have to impose on itself.
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With one bound, Corbyn soars away from the anti-Semitism scandal

Sadly, anti-Semitism has proved the least inconvenient type of scandal Corbyn could have become involved in.
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Right is Left and Left is right - rewriting reality with Comrade Jones

Owen Jones has so clearly just seized the Right's rhetoric and swapped 'Left' for 'far-Right', apparently thinking that is sufficient for him to pass it off as accurate comment of his own.
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A Brexit divorce bill would be daylight robbery

It would be totally ridiculous for us to pay for projects that will take place after we have left and from which we will never reap any benefits.
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The Serena Williams debacle shows how identity politics paralyses debate and distracts from real injustice

This was not an issue of race or gender, but merely one of tennis discipline. It is the hard left that insists on framing the debate in those identity-driven terms.
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Hysteria over robots 'taking our jobs' is nonsensical

In spite of the immeasurable benefits that new technology has gifted humanity, our relentless pessimism insists that the apocalypse is just around the corner.
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Trump is right - current trade deals unfairly disadvantage the US

Bad deals mean that Americans are not benefitting from several industries anywhere near as much as they should be.
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The rise of electric cars will free us from Putin's grasp

A lessened reliance on oil will strengthen our economy and fortify our position on the world stage.
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Theresa May is criminally underpraised for her phenomenal leadership

What our Prime Minister has quietly achieved over the last two years is nothing short of astonishing.
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How not to get the better of Elon Musk

Elon Musk is more than just a man. He is a fundamentally astonishing phenomenon in every sense.
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The future of transport: Blue sky thinking versus reality

It is essential that we look past the media sensationalising of these issues and focus on the pioneering work taking place today.
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