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Labour's civil war goes much deeper than Brexit

Ideological warfare is being waged on the Left between the old guard and the young crowd. Neo-Marxism versus actual Marxism, if you like.
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Why I, a staunch Brexiteer, support the Prime Minister's Withdrawal Agreement

History will look back on Theresa May's Brexit deal as an extremely impressive political feat.
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Why we should not scrap tuition fees

Slashing or abolishing tuition fees would to nothing to tackle inequality. In fact, it would only serve to exacerbate the problem.
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What is the will of the people on Brexit?

Leaving the EU is not a temporary thing; nobody advocated a trial period which could be reversed if we don't like it. The vote was - or should have been - final.
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Defeating the People's Vote campaign is much easier than it seems

If a cartoonish evil mastermind wanted to inflict irreparable damage on British politics, a second Brexit referendum is how he would do it.
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Proportional Representation could help us fix the Brexit crisis

It is surely only a matter of time before the smaller parties coalesce around a mutually beneficial demand for a more representative electoral system.
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Free speech and free press go hand in hand - and both are under threat

By subtly and implicitly encouraging people to be offended by the things they read and hear, we are slowly but surely fostering a culture of intolerance in which dissenting voices can be arbitrarily shut down.
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