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The EU doesn't understand how the Internet works - thank goodness we're leaving

Article 13 is the EU in a nutshell. It epitomises everything that is wrong with the over-grown, over-blown bloc, all in one handy little take-anywhere package.
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Defeating The People's Vote campaign is much easier than it seems

If a cartoonish evil mastermind wanted to inflict irreparable damage on British politics, a second Brexit referendum is how he would do it.
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Proportional Representation could help us fix the Brexit crisis

It is surely only a matter of time before the smaller parties - especially the younger, keener ones like the Independent Group and the Brexit Party - coalesce around a mutually beneficial demand for a more proportionally representative electoral system.
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Theresa May's Brexit victory is imminent - and it will be era-defining

In the next few days, the Prime Minister will put her Brexit deal to a vote in the Commons for a third time, and she will win.
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White saviours and regressive progressivism: How identity politics ruthlessly undermines good causes

David Lammy MP takes issue not with a stance taken by Comic Relief or an aspect of its approach to sensitive issues, but rather with the skin colour of the faces he sees on television.
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Young people are swinging to the left because they don't remember the harm it caused

There exists a clichéd and farcical yet somehow widely accepted notion that socialism "has never been tried", as though its repeated failure in over forty countries was pure coincidence.
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This week, Brexit lives or dies

As Jacob Rees-Mogg helpfully put it, "there will be a vote in Parliament on no No Deal, and I will vote no to no No Deal."
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Free speech and free press go hand in hand - and both are under threat

By subtly and implicitly encouraging people to be offended by the things they read and hear, we are slowly but surely fostering a culture of intolerance, in which dissenting voices can be arbitrarily shut down.
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Far Right - how the Left tars all its enemies with the same brush

I look forward to the new political thriller How the Spectator killed Jo Cox, a gripping tale of a Rod Liddle joke gone wrong.
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The great political switch: How the Conservatives became the party of the working class

The social conservatism of the working class has shunted them to the right, and the champagne socialism relished by the bourgeoisie has put them firmly out of touch with the blue-collar masses.
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Recycling is cheap and easy - so why are we rubbish at it?

Recycling is an area where meaningful progress can be made very easily, so it is an outrage that we are failing to realise this opportunity.
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Why I, a staunch Brexiteer, support the Prime Minister's Withdrawal Agreement

History will look back on Theresa May’s Brexit deal as an impressive political feat: she has emerged against all odds bearing an Agreement that is not only workable but ticks all the necessary boxes.
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Christianity, conservatism and the populist tide

The intermingling of a two-thousand-year-old religious ideology such as Christianity and contemporary Western society might be seen as the perfect conditions for a populist uprising.
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Teacher shouts at naughty pupils. Good for him

It is thanks to radically changing attitudes to basic discipline that behaviour standards in schools have inevitably fallen and assaults by students on teachers have risen sharply.
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Why we should not scrap tuition fees

Slashing or abolishing tuition fees would do nothing to tackle inequality. In fact, it would only serve to exacerbate the problem.
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Debt-plagued students' union face swingeing cuts - and they can't even blame the evil Tories

For many student campaign groups, austerity is a 'political choice' and anyone who so much as thinks about making cuts is undoubtedly in cahoots with big business and 'the establishment'.
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What is the will of the people on Brexit?

Leaving the EU is not a temporary thing; nobody advocated a trial period which could be reversed if we don't like it. The referendum was - or should have been - final.
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Labour's civil war goes much deeper than Brexit

Ideological warfare is being waged on the British Left between the old guard and the young crowd. Neo-Marxism versus actual Marxism, if you like.
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The DUP's threats are in vain - May doesn't need them any more

Theresa May no longer leads a minority government teetering on the edge of plausible existence, held in place only by the strings Arlene Foster and Nigel Dodds twirl between their fingers.
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The ban on electric shock collars is yet another improvement in UK animal rights

Banning shock collars is the most recent in a string of successful moves, reigniting productivity in a stale and sterile government department.
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Will Theresa May escape the European curse that toppled the last three Tory Prime Ministers?

It is in the DNA of Conservative Prime Ministers to fall at the hands of their own party over Britain's relationship with Europe.
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With one bound, Corbyn soars away from the anti-Semitism scandal

Sadly, anti-Semitism has proved the least inconvenient type of scandal Corbyn could have become involved in.
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