Opinion: To win over young voters, Republicans must take a stand on climate change - Deseret News

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The 2020 Republican National Convention lasted four days and featured over 70 speakers. The wide range of topics addressed included immigration, education, health, housing and policing. And yet, no speech proposed a single policy designed to combat climate change, arguably the single most politically and electorally significant issue of our time.

At no point did anyone from the GOP acknowledge the seriousness of our current environmental predicament, or the role it is playing in American politics today. Less than a week later, Sen. Ed Markey won his tight primary race thanks to a surge of support from young voters following his embrace of environmental issues.

Two plus two makes four. Voters — especially young ones — care about the planet, and the GOP is flat-out refusing to engage with them on those issues. If the Republican party wants to stand any chance of winning over young voters, it has no choice but to address its climate problem.

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